My name is Ellen Abrams and I am a registered clinical counsellor working in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I created this web site to give you a sense of who I am and how I work, so please take a look around.

I view counselling as a series of come-as-you-are encounters between the person seeking help and myself. Anxiety, depression, relationship glitches, trauma, stress – these are some of the reasons that people come to see me. Often, there is a critical inner voice that berates.

Here, in my office, you don’t have to pretend to feel any way other than you do. As a therapist, my aim would be to create an alliance with you and ‘be in your corner.’ This open and respectful approach could allow you, in your own time, to risk expressing your concerns, perhaps for the first time.

I offer a regular time and place to meet, my attention, experience, care and concern in service to you and what has prompted you to seek help. Between us, insights could then be born that would allow for the real possibility of change.