Individual, couples, and family therapy

Counselling gives you an opportunity to discuss the issues that concern you. Together, we can inquire into what’s causing problems, begin to make sense of your situation, and discover possibilities for growth and change.


What happens
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What kinds of problems
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What you might
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My Approach

This website provides you with a sense of my approach to counselling and psychotherapy. In my practice I work with life’s discomforts, difficulties, problems and predicaments. This includes anxiety, depression, relationship glitches, abuse, habits/addictions, as well as navigating tricky life transitions.

My approach focuses on the present while also working with undigested issues and aftershocks from the past. What brings you to therapy − why now? How can we work together to increase your self-awareness, understanding, and self-acceptance that can lead toward a more compelling and satisfying life?

We address whatever comes up, without blame, without shame.

Although my orientation is present-focused, unfinished business from the past can intrude in the present. It often shows up as you feeling stuck, anxious, triggered. You may find yourself repeating old patterns even though you want to change them. Together we can become curious about what injuries and injustices need to be acknowledged, expressed, heard, and digested in order for you to free yourself to be more present in your own life.

Something else that can get in your way of being present is distraction. You want your life to improve but it seems like your focus and good intentions keep getting ambushed. You think you know what you need to do but getting yourself to do it turns out not to be so easy. We’d ask what is distracting you from getting into whatever it is that you think you might want to get into. This is a key part of therapy.

Counselling gives you an opportunity to discuss the issues that concern you in a compassionate and respectful environment.

Covid-19 and Appointments.

July 2021: Virtual appointments by video and telephone. In-person appointments (wearing masks) are available with confirmation from me. Physical distancing, sanitizing, and other protective measures are also used.