My Background

I am a registered clinical counsellor living and working in Vancouver. I have been meeting with people in emotional and mental distress since 2001, in public mental health settings and then in private practice.

My background and training are in psychology and dance. I have always been curious about what goes on between people and what happens (or doesn’t happen) that makes relationships trusting and loving or dangerous and traumatic. What is motivating us that we might not be aware of, and why do we keep getting into the same difficulties? How to change?

I’ve danced since childhood, and along the way became interested in body-mind practices. I studied Body-Mind Centering (BMC) and tai chi, and for many years now, have had an undisciplined meditation practice.

In my work with people we mostly talk, and my training in body-mind practices informs and enriches what I bring into the room. Support before movement is a saying from BMC that’s equally true in therapy. I’m here to support and encourage you in moving towards greater health and healing.

I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1984 with a Bachelor of General Studies, and earned a Master’s degree in counselling psychology in 2004 from City University of Seattle.

How can therapy make a difference?

I provide counselling services for a wide range of concerns, including: stress, anxiety, depression, abuse, grief, anger, and trauma.

Working together, therapy can make a difference in increasing clarity around the issues you’re dealing with, deepening self-acceptance, and developing your capacity to respond vs. react in your relationships.

In a nutshell, my philosophy of counselling is that I believe that we are hurt in relationship and it’s in relationship that we must heal. As the saying goes, only you can do it but no one can do it alone.

I offer a respectful and compassionate therapeutic relationship through which we can inquire into your concerns. The result of our inquiry may be a surprise and delight for both of us.

Ellen Abrams
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Distress can manifest in many different ways

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