I am a registered clinical counsellor living and working in Vancouver. I have been meeting with people in emotional and mental distress since 2001, in public mental health settings and now in private practice.

In my work with people we focus on your lived experience. What are you going through and where do you feel stuck? I am curious about what goes on between people and what happens, or doesn’t happen, that makes relationships trusting and loving or dangerous and traumatic.

Getting distracted (not only by technology) often comes up as a problem. How do you distract and prevent yourself from getting into what you think you want to get into in life, or even knowing what that might be? What automatic habits do you keep repeating even though you want to stop? What is running you that you’re not aware of?

I’m here to support and encourage you to consider slowing down and asking, “What wants attention? Where does it hurt?” Together we can face what needs to be faced so that you can move towards increased freedom and ease.

I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1984 with a Bachelor of General Studies, and earned a Master’s degree in counselling psychology in 2004 from City University of Seattle (Vancouver).

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