Fees & Payment


$140 for a 50-minute appointment

$280 for a 100-minute appointment

My fee is the same regardless of how many people are accompanying you.

Skype, telephone, and walking appointments available.


Fees can be paid by cash or cheque on the day of your appointment, or by eTransfer preferably prior to your appointment.


If you need to cancel for any reason, 24 hours notice is required. If you give less than 24 hours notice, you are responsible for the full fee unless I can find someone to take your appointment.

Extended Health Benefits

Extended health benefit policies vary in their coverage. Some insurance companies recognize the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor. If you have a benefits package with your employer or through another source, it’s best to check which counselling professionals are recognized and what coverage is provided.


If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for short term counselling funded by ICBC. You can discuss this with your adjuster, including how to request a specific counsellor.